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Today, I wont talk about tech. I will talk about a interesting brazilian movie which I watched yesterday. Indeed, it is a movie with americans and brazilian actors. Its name is “Olhos Azuis” (Blue Eyes).  Yesterday was a busy day and I was relaxing in front TV while I was waitin’ fall asleep to rest […]

[TIP] Asana


      Um amigo meu apresentou-me um app bem interessante pra quem precisa organizar tarefas. O nome do aplicativo é Asana. O aplicativo é gratuito para até 15 pessoas no projeto. Ele permite o gerenciamento de atividades de forma bem simples. Hoje, eu o utilizo para gerenciar minhas atividades no mestrado e em projetos […]

Often I have to download mail attachments to save the data.  It is a monkey job but It must to be done. Thank god I found a app to solve this problem. I’m not expert but this app solve all my needs. I just enter with my password and my username and booom! It’s all […]