What’s the ‘best’ file compression method?


Old but gold!


I’ve been doing a little bit of research into the best compression method to use in Ubuntu. There’s so many compression types when I right click –> create archive. Keep in mind that I’m simply using the default compression values right from the desktop, there’s no special tweaking involved here. Mainly, I want something quick and easy for every day file management. Many of these formats, I’ve seen before and had heard some were ‘better than others’; some faster, and some compress more. I really wasn’t sure what’s the best option.

I often have large data files (hudreds of megs or larger) that I like to make backup copy of, but would rather store them in a compressed format. I also don’t want to wait around forever to get the job done. I’m working on a fast machine (duo core 2) with a gig of memory.

So what’s gave me…

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