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Many fellas ask me: “why should I learn Python?” so I solved to list a lot of reasons. Python is the most excited language I’ve ever worked. I use Python since 2008, actually I started to study python since my first year on the graduation. It was funny because I was studying C and Python […]

Today, I wont talk about tech. I will talk about a interesting brazilian movie which I watched yesterday. Indeed, it is a movie with americans and brazilian actors. Its name is “Olhos Azuis” (Blue Eyes).  Yesterday was a busy day and I was relaxing in front TV while I was waitin’ fall asleep to rest […]

Recently, I implemented the Fish School Search II for a discipline on my master degree. FSSII is an optimization algorithm proposed by Carmelo et all. Actually, it is a version improved of the Fish School Search. That version was proposed last year in the BRICS conference. Paper: “An Enhanced Fish School Search Algorithm”, Authors: C. […]